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Things happened.  There was lots of action, reaction, years of it, a poor outcome, and how much listening took place?

If a governing body, coach or captain meets a problem with a player, the initial responsibility lies with them to repair the damage.  Skillful listening can go a long way.

How much of the following went on?  A person behaves in a way that’s hard for others to accept. Happens every day.  The person gets blamed, labeled and confronted. The reaction?  Ask anyone whose felt blamed and shamed.  Ask a school kid, or a recently divorced person. You protect your self-esteem and pride, and defend yourself.  This leads to further confrontation, denial, counter-attack, and so the cycle continues….

Could this pattern be avoided by a manager or coach?  Engage and connect and establish trust as a first step?  Then have a look together at the way ahead?

This approach is simple


difficult, requiring conversation skills that reach beyond confronting, to the use of listening to connect, establish trust and draw out from the person how they see change happening for the good.  Did anyone do this consistently, and in a caring manner with KP?  It might not be too late to try.  The harder the problem, the softer is the style that might be necessary to solve it.

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