Steve’s work in sport addresses how all involved – coaches and athletes – can feel safe, work together and thrive. It’s a world of much more extreme highs and lows than any other setting I can think of. I support coaches to clarify how they can reconcile two unavoidable truths: empower players and provide strategy, support and more. It is precisely this balance that we spent decades refining in motivational interviewing, where an evidence base of thousands of trials shows that if you provide a safe cocoon for people, give them space to clarify why and how they want to improve, outcomes will be better. That’s the theory if you like.

In practice, Steve’s work includes:

  • Online mentoring
  • Onsite 2nd set of ears and eyes for observation and reflection
  • Player empowerment projects like improving their involvement in game reviews, team talks, huddles, half-time talks, practice sessions and in games themselves.

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