The Future of Motivational Interviewing: Where to from here?

Tuesday October 20th 2pm (UK time)

Russell, Steve, Joel and a couple of very special guests will blast off to explore new directions, areas of research and outside the box ideas for the future of MI. Spontaneous contributions from our audience of space travellers will be most welcomed.

Next day recording available when you register.


Previous Webinars

Praise and Affirmation: A deep dive

What’s the difference, and does it matter?

Joel, Steve, Russel and a special guest circle around a topic that could have a major impact on coaching, teaching, parenting and counselling. All jargon to be clarified. Spontaneous contributions will be welcomed.

It’s not what you say, but how you say it

Bad experience can be the best teacher. Joel Porter, Steve Rollnick, Russell Calderwood, David Rosengren & others discuss the importance of learning from experience and language in working with people in the classroom, therapy office and playing field.

What makes for an effective therapist, sports coach and teacher?

What are the common links? What does research tell us? Joel and Steve unpack the answers with three top-notch practitioners. Interviews, panel, Q&A and more.

Supporting Autonomy: How Long is a Piece of String;

Do you ever wrestle with these questions?

When people are making risky decisions what am I supposed to do? Why should I think about autonomy when my clients just want me to tell them what to do?

Joel and Steve take a deep dive and explore the depths of supporting autonomy in counselling, teaching, corrections and coaching.

With our guests, we will work through the What, Why and How of supporting autonomy and how it relates to getting better outcomes.

Listening in a Time of Uncertainty

Joel and Steve have some experiences to talk about from the worlds of psychotherapy, counselling, sport and parenting. We want to make the links between them and promote good practice.

Sport and Empathy

How come something that costs nothing is not more widely used in sport? Joel and Steve are sports nuts and might not agree about what’s going on here.

Giving Advice and Feedback: Sport, School and Beyond

Joel and Steve step away from consulting rooms to wonder how to improve feedback and advice-giving in everyday life. Both agree that this is an art and skill well worth developing.

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