MI training workshops

Forthcoming Cardiff MI workshops with Professor Stephen Rollnick are outlined below. 
To hear about new training opportunities, please let us know if you would like to be placed on our mailing list.


2 x two-day training workshops

Monday 10th - Thursday 13th July 2017

Venue: Swalec Stadium, Cardiff, Wales CF11 9XR

In the week of 10th July 2017, Stephen Rollnick & the MI Cardiff team will host four days of training in motivational interviewing (MI) along with a specially invited guest Terri Moyers, a hugely experienced trainer, practitioner and researcher. Steve and Terri will share their expertise across two separate workshops that you are welcome to choose one or both of.


  1. Introduction to MI and Integration with Advice-giving. Monday 10th & Tuesday 11th July, 2017, Rollnick & Moyers

    Stephen Rollnick, one of the co-founders of MI, will run this workshop supported on the second day by Terri Moyers. The focus will be on two things: an overview of MI for those fairly new to it, and then something quite novel – learning about how you might give advice in an MI-consistent way. This will mean working on practical skills in a supportive atmosphere with time to share experiences, listen to short mini-lectures, observe demonstrations, and more. Terri is a very experienced MI trainer, and an old friend of Steve’s, and their exchanges offer the promise of clarifying lots of things. What unites them both is a commitment to helping people to integrate MI into every practice and services.

    Further details about the workshop and registration can be found here

  2. Intermediate/advanced workshop: Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th July 2017, Moyers and Rollnick

    Terri Moyers will run this workshop supported on the second day by Stephen Rollnick. It will involve a clear step up from an introductory workshop, and involve solid attention to practising the finer skills, clarifying how motivation is expressed in language, time for in depth discussion of hot topics and some attention to rolling out MI across a service system. Terri will also provide updates on the latest research and clinical information about both the relational and technical components of MI, along with clarity about the status of empathy in clinical interviews. This is Terri’s 3rd visit to Cardiff and her workshops have been consistently well-received. 

    Further details about the workshop and registration can be found here

Bespoke MI training

Motivational interviewing involves the use of conversation skills that promote change, in the service of the well-being of someone you are helping.  Learning MI is a journey. The skills are used in everyday conversation, but are often underused and rusty.  Steve can provide a range of training and support options.


Steve can also provide webinars on motivation, behaviour change and motivational interviewing that involve an overview and live demonstration of the skills involved.

On-site training

Steve delivers training on-site in a wide range of settings, cultures and countries.
Enquiries can be made here.

Free resource for trainers in MI: The Art of Teaching MI

An old friend from San Francisco, Steve Berg-Smith, put decades of experience as a trainer into this handbook on the spirit and skills involved in working with groups of people to learn MI. There’s even a competency checklist for rating yourself and others in an appendix.  Then he gave it away free, and you can download it here

Motivational Interviewing Trainer Assessment (MITA)

The MITA checklist is available to download: MITI Checklist.pdf

Recommendation of other MI trainers

Coaching and supervision in motivational interviewing can also be arranged via close colleagues who offer these services.